2 Vietnamese Street Food Snacks Must Have!!!

2 Vietnamese Street Food Snacks Must Have!!!


You can call me a snack-er :)) as I love snacks and I have them everyday if I can. Not just breakfast, lunch or dinner, with me, snack can be a meal as brunch and specially make me feel happy and more positive.

In this post, I will share with you the three most preferable and popular street snacks in Vietnam. Wait for them and enjoy them ^^

#1 Banh Trang Tron – Vietnamese rice paper salad with dried beef

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The English name is too long but still not describe fully about this snack. This dish hails from the Ho Chi Minh City, the central of South Vietnam.

Like so many other dishes in culinary history, this dish started out just trying to solve a problem. What to do with all of that scrap rice paper? Well, make a salad out of it! Using thin strips of rice paper to compose the bulk of the salad, Dried beef, Dried Shrimp, Quail egg, Vietnamese Hot Mint, Julienned Green Mango, toasted peanuts, and fried shallots are tossed together with a loose, dark, sweetened soy sauce with kumquat juice.

I know that in the picture it looks lie the plastic with lots of other food. But trust me, after few minutes being thoroughly mixed, it’s tossed into a bag or a box and being soft that can melt in your mouth.

#2 Nem chua ran – Deep-fried Pork Roll

Different from the first snack, the second one comes from the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, at the North Vietnam.

If Banh Trang Tron is a cold dish, Nem chua ran is a hot dish that I extremely love and I think all the youngsters in Hanoi love it. I found this video below is interesting and enough detail about Nem chua ran, therefore I will use it instead of writing. I hope you enjoy the video

How do you think after watching the video??? Do you like it now or not?

There many other Vietnamese snacks that I think you should try as well, however these are the most popular and preferable in Vietnam as everyone knows from the North to the South Vietnam. If you have a chance to stay in Vietnam, please try both of them. They are cheap, easy to buy and tasty enough to give you very new experience.

I hope you have JOY and let me know what do you think in the comment box below.

Thank you <3


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