A bowl of everything – Bun Bo Hue!

A bowl of everything – Bun Bo Hue!

For a cool day, for a windy day, with friends with family, we together enjoy the taste of Bun Bo Hue. That is a beautiful evening that I can imagine for a dinner in Vietnam in the Summer.

Bun bo Hue
A bowl of Bun Bo Hue (source: Google, 2018).

Some people might think that Bun Bo Hue is suitable to be served in the Winter or it is a breakfast dish. However, in my opinion, I believe that cooking Bun Bo Hue is the time for dinner, time for family and friends.

You can easily have one bowl of Bun Bo Hue in a restaurant or even at a street vendor. But, to cook that dish, It requires time, effort and I think the love as well.

This post is gonna talk about the culture of Bun Bo Hue, about how meaningful of making it together, about how nutritious it is but not about the recipe. Why not? Cause I think it is to much for a post :))) And I can have another one just for the recipe if you guys like ^^. But today, it is all about the story, the culture of this dish.

#1 Name

Bun Bo Hue is known as Spicy Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup in English. It is too long so I will call it in Vietnamese as Bun Bo Hue since now.

This dish is named after the main ingredients and the region of it.

  • Bun: is a white round rice noodle of Vietnam. Vietnam has a lot of different types of Noodle, but Bun is different from Pho. You just need to remember that ^^.
  • Bo: means beef in Vietnam :)))
  • Hue: is a city in central Vietnam and the capital of the protectorate of Annam. This is where the dish belongs to and hails from.

#2 Ingredients

This part is not about  the preparation of ingredients. I am gonna mention the main ingredients that must have in this dish.

bun bo hue
Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue (Source: Google, 2018)
  • Starts with Beef and Meatball: they are the mains of this dish. Sometimes, you can add on a few delicious such as sliced brisket, crab balls.
  • The second ingredient that you are gonna see in any bowls of Bun Bo Hue is cubes of congealed pig’s blood. I know it seems weird, but you should try at least one time to know how good it is, especially within Bun Bo Hue.
  • The last main ingredient is a tangle of herbs, a squeeze of lime.

Within these things above and the others need to add on, you can have a perfect bowl of ingredients. Of course, we need Bun – the noodles as well :))).

#3 Meaning

Meaning here is not the historic meaning, it is about the meaningful moment when you and your family, your friends spend time together on cooking it.

It normally takes about 5 hours – 6 hours to cook including the preparation. It is not such a long time but absolutely not a short time to cook a dish. And because of that period of time, it is not cooked as an usual dish in dinner, it is a occasional dish, when family members, friends gather around and spend the whole evening together.

To prepare and cook Bun Bo Hue require many other different stages, so that everyone can join and cook it together. That is one of the meaningful moments that I mentioned. We cook together, we talk and share things. And the second moment is when we enjoy the bowl of Bun Bo Hue. Having this dish in the good mood, and even when you are in the bad mood, that can help you become positive right after :))).

That’s it. Just a bowl of noodles but with us, it is a bowl of love, of joy if you spend it with your loves.

I hope you have joy and interested in this dish as I am :)))

Thank you for you reading don’t hesitate to leave any comments below.

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