Sugarcane Juice – the perfect option for Summer

Sugarcane Juice – the perfect option for Summer

If you’ve ever been to Vietnam, then without a doubt you’ve seen small carts selling Nước Mía. Nước Mía is sugarcane juice, and we recommend this as a must-try drink

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In my blog, I talked much about Vietnamese dishes, food. But this post, I am gonna talk about drinks, my favourite and popular drink in Vietnam.

Sugarcane juice, called nước mía or mía đá, is very popular in Vietnam as a refreshing drink in the hot climate. Kumquat juice, a citrus, is often added to balance the sweetness. It is available at small street stalls and is often sold alongside other popular Asian beverages.

You may be thinking that a cup of sugarcane juice is an unhealthy sugar overload, but it actually isn’t. This sweet juice is made by crushing sugarcane stalks in a machine, either hand-cranked or electric. The juice is then poured over ice and added a little bit kumquat juice, making this perfect for hot summer day in Vietnam.

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Let me tell you several reasons why you should try this typical drink in Vietnam

  • Sugarcane Juice is nutritious: It contains many nutritious values that help to improve your health and boots your energy up. A great deal of protein that you can get from a sugarcane is also good nutrition. There are lots of antioxidants and mineral benefiting your skin, preventing acne and pimples as well.
  • It is always available: I mean it, it is always available every where :))) You can easily find it pop up somewhere around you.
  • it is cheap: 100% agree that it is really totally cheap. The price is only £0.25 for a full glass of sugarcane juice. Of course, that is the price in Vietnam and I think the price in the UK is more expensive, but not much.

I came up with these three reasons and hope that they can convince you to try this amazing juice ^^.

Now you know more about Vietnamese Drinks in Summer. Let me know if you are interested in others or not in the comments box below.

I hope you have JOY from my post and thank you for your reading.

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