Vietnamese Pyramid Dumplings – I can have two at the same time!

Vietnamese Pyramid Dumplings – I can have two at the same time!

You might think that I eat too much :)) But they are the best breakfast that I would love to have in my mornings.

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Look at the picture, you might think it is not good looking at all. But, don’t say anything, just wait until you can have the first bite of it. Trust me!!!

This dish is the Vietnamese traditional dish for breakfast and we call it ‘Banh gio’ /banh dzawn/. Bánh giò are named after the fact that these dumplings are made by professional giò makers who prepare Vietnamese charcuterie, particularly the everyday pork sausage called giò. The scraps of pork would be employed for these dumplings, which people anticipated eating fresh daily from the giò makers.

Like many dumplings, bánh giò resulted from resourceful cooks looking to take a simple handful of ingredients to create a marvelous morsel. This is a classic dumpling in the Vietnamese repertoire.

Normally, It can be served with chilli sauce, but nowadays, you can add what ever you would like to add such as cucumbers, gio, carot,…I found it is too hard for me to cook by myself so I always go to the market and buy some. The price is so affordable, with only £1.5 you can have two of them :)))

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I cant tell you the recipe of this dish cause I have never ever made it by myself, or even my Mom or my Dad, so that I don’t know which recipe is close to it. But I want to tell you that how traditional, soft, tasty and traditional it is. you can easily buy it from the street vendors for only £0.7 each.

I love street food, and street food is the culture of Vietnam.

I hope you are gonna like them and enjoy my post as well.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my post.

From Mia with JOY <3.

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