The Cheapest Breakfast For only £0.6???

The Cheapest Breakfast For only £0.6???

Believe or not? It’s the true story that you can have your delicious, simple breakfast with only £0.6 :o. It’s amazing, tasty and enough nutrition for a whole new day.

OMG, Can you see it? Vietnamese Baguette – a traditional breakfast was cooked by Mr Gordon Ramsay. He had made it become more stunning than ever.

However, in Vietnam, the real breakfast baguette actually doesn’t look like that, that is how people think. This is the real one:


Image result for vietnamese bread breakfast

These two versions look quite similar, don’t they? ^^

Basically, we call them ‘Banh Mi’  original from France during the colonial period in Vietnam in the late 1800’s. Since then, French eating behaviour has been strongly affecting Vietnamese gastronomy, including bread for breakfast. Goose’s liver paste should be the best crepe for bread when this food was first introduced. Gradually, Vietnamese bakers has innovated more variables of crepe to create a unique type of bread in Vietnam, which are uncooked vegetables, shrimp, sausage, pig’s liver paste eaten with tomato or chili sauce.

They are cheap, hearty, tasty and portable. They are known as the food on go that you can easily buy from the street vendor in the morning, but not from a restaurant.

With only about a pound, you can serve yourself a hot, crunchy and full of flavour breakfast. So why not? I cant tell you the recipes cause there are thousands of them. You can find a lot on the internet. But want to tell you the culture of this dish that we have it from France, we eat it on the way and it is the affordable street food that you can find every where in Vietnam.

I hope after this post you can be more interested in Vietnamese cuisine and eager to try them. Hope you have JOY and if you have any queries, please leave them in the comment box, I am happy to answer all.

Thank you <3

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    1. Hi Phoebe, Thank you for dropping by and reading my blog. You can make this dish by yourself as the ingredients are pretty simple and easy to get ^^. Hope you enjoy!

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