Ga Tan – Special Soup for Winter

Ga Tan – Special Soup for Winter

I remember when I was a little girl, I had my own favourite restaurant to eat Ga Tan. I had been there so many times that I couldn’t remember. But I know I love Ga Tan.

ga tan
Vietnamese Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup

Ga Tan or Vietnamese Stewed Sweet Herbal Chicken Soup – it is too long to name this dish in English so I will it Ga Tan from now.

It is a Hanoi speciality and a deeply-guarded traditional recipe incorporating a special mixture of secret herbs and spices handed down from parent to child over generations (, 2017). It is a  quarter of chicken bobbing in a tasty broth, which is believed to be something akin to a health tonic by Vietnamese connoisseurs. It can be served with fried bread with honey or noodles, depends on which do you prefer. But with me, both of them are awesome that you should try if you have a chance.

Sure it’s not quite how your mother used to make it, with its greenish tinge from the herbs and chunks of chicken parts, but it’s worth a try if you’re needing a Vietnamese tonic.

And again, this dinner dish is extremely finical and difficult to make. It takes a lot of time and effort. So the easiest way to have this dish is going to a restaurant or a street vendor in Hanoi :)))

But if you still want to try to cook it, or want your girl/boyfriend or your mom/dad to cook it. Here is a easy recipe that I found can help you

• Chicken (Vietnamese chicken)
• Wormwood
• Chinese herbs (available from Asian
supermarkets and Chine pharmacies)
• Turmeric
• Vietnamese wine
• Salt, pepper, seasoning
half (600g)
200 g
1 package1
20 ml
Dipping Sauce
• Salt
• Pepper
• Lemon
• Chili
1/2 tbsp
1/8 tbsp
3 cloves


1. Wash the chicken well. Rub with salt, pepper, seasoning. Marinate inside and out for 30’.

2. Wash the fresh green wormwood, removing any wilted leaves.

3. Prepare the chicken, Chinese herbs, turmeric, wormwood leaves.

4. Place the wormwood layer in the bottom of a clay pot, adding the chicken, Chinese herbs, and turmeric. Top with another layer of wormwood leaves, add 100ml of water, and cover with lid.

5. Put the clay pot into a larger saucepan with water. Steam over medium heat for 30’. After that, turn off heat but leave the clay pot for another 30’.

6. 10’ before serving, bring this mixture to a boil again and add 20ml of rice wine, continuing to steam for another 5’.

Dipping Sauce

Mix the pepper, salt, chili and lime juice well. This dish is good for your health, especially when you have the flu.

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