Tao Pho – The rustic dish of our cuisine

Tao Pho – The rustic dish of our cuisine

In my opinion, I LOVE TAO PHO. To be honest, I think I can eat tao pho every day, in the morning, in the afternoon or even in the evening. No matter when, Winter or Summer, believe me, you can eat tao pho whenever you want to!

tao pho
Traditional Tao Pho (Source: Google)

I have to tell you something first: I don’t know how to make tao pho by myself :(. Normally, I buy from the street vendor so in this post I will share a video to show you how to make tao pho from Hana’s Cooking Diary on YouTube. But first, let me tell you something about this lovely dish ^^.

Tao pho is popular not only in Vietnam but also in other Asian Countries such as China, Thailand. This rustic dish is made from soybean (main ingredient) with sweet ginger syrup. It can be seen as a dessert, however you can have  whenever you want to, not just after the mains.

Nowadays, It depends on culture, taste or favour of each person, tao pho has so many different versions now. Afterall, with me, the traditional one, which has a light fragrance, soft texture and can be melt in my mouth is the perfect version. That is the reason why this video below is about making traditional tao pho, not the modern ones. I hope you guys enjoy it and leave the comment below to let me know if you have any queries for me. Thank you <3

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