What did Mr Obama like to EAT in Vietnam? – BUN CHA!!!

What did Mr Obama like to EAT in Vietnam? – BUN CHA!!!

It is Spring now. It’s time for enjoying a bowl of Bun Cha. Oh, wait! Who also enjoy Bun Cha? It’s Mr Obama – The Former President of the United States. True Story!

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Former Obama and Bun Cha Story

I am proud to be a Vietnamese, especially, a Hanoi-er. When people talk about Hanoi, they will definitely talk about “Pho” as an iconic Vietnamese culinary culture. But wait, there are many other noodles that you should not skip over and one of them is Bun Cha.

If you had been following the news of Former President Obama’s trip to Vietnam, you must have seen ‘Obama eating bún chả – It was exactly an exciting story.

Tucked in an unassuming street just south of the French Quarter in the capital city of Hanoi, Bun Cha Huong Lien, had no idea that one day, they’ll be hosting a US President and a celebrity chef in one table and would be making headlines on the largest American news channel the next day.

“We had been informed days before by the government officials that there would be a lot of reporters and journalists from famous international media that are coming over to check our place out,” Nguyen claims. “But of course, we had no idea that the US President himself will be heading over here for dinner. That was definitely a big surprise for us,” she continues.

After making headlines all over the globe in multiple media channels and news platforms within less than 24 hours, Bun Cha Huong Lien became a big hit and popular for tours around Hanoi. Heaps of tourists have been excited to try out the now famous Obama Combo, which is basically a bowl of traditional Bun Cha paired with some deep-fried Hanoi-style spring rolls and a bottle of Hanoi beer.

What is Bun Cha?

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Have you been eager for this dish yet? Absolutely, even Mr Obama and celebrity chef Anthony like it.

If ‘phở’ is known for a bowl of flat rice noodles with beef or chicken broth, ‘bún chả’ is round rice noodles served with a bowl of dipping sauce with grilled pork, pickles and greens (Rice & Flour, 2016).

Also, according to Juno (2012), You’ll be served by a plate of rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a bowl of cold broth with grilled pork. The rice noodles and fresh herbs are pretty common in a Vietnamese restaurant. The broth and the pork are the ones making this dish unique.

Bun Cha Hanoi Ingredients
Mr Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain was eating Bun Cha in Hanoi (Source: Google).

Bun cha is a lunch food; it means you can only find it between 12.pm – 3.pm.  It is not easy to eat Bun Cha after 3.pm as finding Trung Ngai Cuu after 11 am. You’ll see they grill the meat in the sidewalk at around 10.am and closed after 3.pm. One more special thing is Bun Cha is not easy to find in another part of Vietnam as it is originated in Hanoi and is known as Hanoi Cuisine.

From all of what I have told you, I believe Bun Cha is a special dish, therefore I put it in Special Category instead of Lunch one.

I hope you would love to try Bun Cha at least one time. And if you want to make it at home? Keep following my blog as I will publish a post about how to make Bun Cha asap.

Thank you and wish you have JOY <3.

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