Vietnamese childhood dish – Caramelised Pork With Eggs

Vietnamese childhood dish – Caramelised Pork With Eggs

Caramelised? Seems attractive and tasty. YES, absolutely what we should describe this caramelised pork with eggs.

caramelised pork with eggs
Caramelised pork-eggs (Source: Google)

Normally, I always write about how meaningful Vietnamese dishes are. I mean the traditional meanings and historic meaning, which belong to my country story. But today, this post will talk about the family meaningful time as the title showed you “childhood dish”.

In Vietnam, believe or not I can confirm that every child loves eating eggs. And eggs with pork and caramel sauce? Oh dear, that is the perfect combination to them.

Family Meaningful Moment

My dad always says when we have caramelised pork with eggs in the dinner:” save some for your brother”. Yes, it’s me. I want to eat all of them that it is too delicious. It’s so funny but true, this dish is kind of family dish that everyone in your family will think of the others when you are eating it.

family dinner
caramelised pork-eggs in family dinner

Not only when you eat it but also when you cook it. The flavor, color and texture of this dish are really important but they depend on the taste of members of the family. It can be thick, can be thin, can be dark or light caramel,…Therefore, having a well understanding of family’s taste is the most important and meaningful rule when cooking it. Since, when you eat, both cookers and who enjoys it can feel the love inside the dish. How special it is!

Oh, in terms of childhood dish, each kid will have its own caramelised pork with eggs dish. Why? Because each of them has its own mother and father, who cook this dish for them during their childhood. It cannot be compared that which is better? Cause in our eyes caramelised pork with eggs of our mom and dad is always the best-caramelised pork ever.

How can you enjoy it?

I mean how you can eat this dish. It is simple and totally traditional.

We all eat caramelised pork-eggs with rice. But there are two different ways and time to enjoy it.

Image result for caramelised pork with eggs
Caramelised pork-egg with rice
  1. Morning time: for the beginning of the day, we eat caramelised pork-eggs with sticky rice.
  2. Evening time: for dinner when the family members gather around, we eat it with just the regular rice and other dishes.

Yep, I know you might think it is strange but it’s true. Same dish but different time and different ways to eat make this dish so interesting.

How do you think? Let me know your thought about this Vietnamese Childhood dish in the comment and if you like it, just share it and let your friends and family know as well. And if you want to cook it yourself, you can check my post “Enjoying Caramelised Pork-Eggs Now!” that you can find a simple recipe and enjoy it.

Thank you for your reading and hope you have JOY <3.

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