“Trung Ngai Cuu” – 7 minutes Vietnamese breakfast

“Trung Ngai Cuu” – 7 minutes Vietnamese breakfast

“I didn’t like this dish at the first time I tried. But then, after trying several times I believe this is the good choice for breakfast in the Winter” – Miss Huyen Trang said (a Vietnamese girl).

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Instead of eating just fried eggs in the morning like Western Breakfast Style, Vietnamese people added one more citrus ingredient to make it more tasty and more nutritious – that is “wormwood leaf”.

Wormwood leaf (Source: aroundvn.com)

Wormwood leaf is known as a herb that brings not only the taste for the dishes, but also so makes them become healthier. “Trung Ngai Cuu” is one of that healthier dishes as it is really good for  pregnancy care, treating acne, rash, headache, and many others.

However, this dish does not belong to kind of fancy or expensive restaurant, it is one of famous “street style food” in Vietnam. Take your time walking along the footpath in any cities in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi, you can probably encounter “Trung Ngai Cuu” at a street vendor. Also, this dish is only sold in the morning as it is a breakfast for Vietnamese. Trust me, you couldn’t find it after 10.00 or 11.00 in the morning. 

And you know what? thing that makes Trung Ngai Cuu is special is not just about how tasty or healthy it is, it is about how you eat it: sitting at the street vendor, next to the seller, waiting for the dish in the winter, you can definitely smell how it is, feel how hot it is and how excited you are. Then, you can enjoy your Trung Ngai Cuu with chilli sauce or with salt in a winter morning in 5-10 minutes for just about 30 pence. That’s really cheap, isn’t it?

Actually, for the first time, I did not like the taste of this dish, however, after trying again and again, I realized “Trung Ngai Cuu” is totally delicious and should be recommended to others to try it. That’s why I am writing this post.

So whenever you have a chance to go to Vietnam, I strongly recommend that you should spend one of your mornings to enjoy this dish for the very first time. Or if want to try it now? Lets make it at home, you can find the recipe online or watch the video below. But trust me, it’s delicious because of how you can eat it on the Street not only because of the taste.

Anyway, I hope this post would help you have more understanding about Trung Ngai Cuu and make you want to try it more.

Thank you for reading my post.

From Mia with JOY <3


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